ISCA Listserv Guidelines

We ask that everyone who posts on our listserv please sign your posts with your name your street. You do NOT need to put your street number. The ISCA board enacted this policy for many reasons including accountability. As our listserv is always growing, we post periodic reminders of our guidelines:


First, obviously, nothing illegal or inappropriate (use your best judgement). Second, since this is one of our community’s primary modes of communication, don’t post anything you wouldn’t say to someone in person–stick to common sense communications; that is don’t post things in anger or with ill intent; post to your community the way you’d like them to post to you. Think twice before you hit “Reply All” to reduce in-box clutter. Recommendations for restaurants, services, event postings, etc, are great to share with everyone. Conversations with individuals should be just that.

  1. Make sure to indicate the content of your posting in the subject line so that all who don’t care to read it can hit “Delete” if they wish — it also makes it easier for people to search for your message.
  2. Refrain from postings that are discriminatory (racially, ethnically, religiously, etc.) or would reasonably be perceived as “hate speech”
  3. Remember that the Listserv is for a general audience, so try to refrain from cursing, swearing, using slurs and patently offensive language
  4. Apply the Golden Rule – don’t post something to the Listserv that you would not want someone else to post; don’t direct comments to another member that you would not want directed at you, etc.
  5. Please refrain from personal attacks; focus on the subject matter whenever possible.
  6. Any other content is appropriate within the guidelines specified above.
  7. Hit “Delete” as liberally – or conservatively – as you wish!
  8. Announcements of events in, around and affecting the neighborhood is encouraged where community members may have an interest in participating or showing support. If you don’t like, see item 7