ISCA Halloween Megapost

Trick-Or-Treating – 6:00-8:00 PM

If you choose to participate in trick-or-treating this year, please show your neighbors respect!  Wear a cloth face covering, keep your distance from people outside your household, sanitize hands frequently, and remember that porch light off means no knocking.  Montgomery County recommends against door-to-door trick-or-treating this year, so if you’re planning to give out candy, please consider an alternative to the traditional candy bowl.  The goals are to keep a safe distance between trick-or-treaters and minimize high-touch surfaces; with that as your guide, let your creativity run wild!  Share suggestions and inspiration for how to reduce risk while maximizing fun on the listserv and facebook page.

Want to complete a neighborhood scavenger hunt with your family?

Neighbors – do you have the spooookiest house on the block? Maybe your kiddo carved a super cute pumpkin? Maybe YOU carved a super cute (or scary) pumpkin! Did you design a super cool candy conveyance device to deliver candy and keep everyone safe? Then YOU need to enter the ISCA virtual decorating contests!
We will have prizes for:

  1. Best house decorating
  2. Best pumpkin (adult)
  3. Best pumpkin (under 18)
  4. Best candy conveyance device

Send your entries to We will post them on our ISCA Facebook group for voting! Winners will receive one of these bragging rights pumpkins!!

Big thanks to our neighbors on the ISCA Halloween Committee who have given their time and talents to plan some alternatives to traditional trick-or-treating for the neighborhood to enjoy.  We’re looking forward to a fun and safe Halloween!

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