Food Trucks Are Coming to ISCA!

While we know you are all spending your Sunday night meal planning and prepping for the week, we have some great news….Food Trucks are coming to ISCA for dinner!

POKE DOJO September 25 (Friday)

ASTRO CHICKEN & DONUTS September 29 (Tuesday)

TRIPPY TACOS October 5 (Monday)

POP UP POUTINE October 16 (Friday)

MONEY MUSCLE (All Set) October 21 (Wednesday)

BIG GREEK CAFE October 30 (Friday)



They will be located in the parking lot at the Indian Springs Terrace Local Park activity building to allow everyone to spread out, be social, and safe. Please wear your masks while waiting in line, keep a respectful distance from others, and bring your wallets and empty tummies.

More details will be released days before each truck visit with times and any pre-order offerings on the ISCA Listserv. Please provide any constructive feedback so we can improve each following truck’s visit, and be patient and understanding as we give this new activity a go.  We hope this neighborhood activity brings us some community vibes while supporting local businesses.  HUGE thanks to ISCA’s Bonnie Calabria for organizing this event!

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